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The Living Experience at LaTonya's House

Enrichment Activities

We incorporate dynamic programming into our resident's living experience. With a number of creative and social offerings designed to meet an array of interests, our enrichments are fun and enhance opportunities for residents to grow and learn by contributing to their cognitive and social development.

Life Skills

Our goal is to touch our residents' lives in ways that promote self-esteem, independence, confidence, self-reliance, decision-making skills, social action and personal growth. Thus, we develop life skills plans with our residents to ensure that they have the tools and resources 

needed to develop skills that can support greater empowerment as well as add to their overall high quality of life.

Community-Based Residences


We provide residential living services to individuals with disabilities who are at least 18 years of age.  We staff our homes with highly qualified, caring staffers (our team members) who are wholly focused on serving the individualized needs of our residents.

Personal Care 

We provide exceptional personal care services to each of our residents, while ensuring that each individual is treated with the highest level of respect, compassion and dignity.  In addition, for those residents who are able, we empower by supporting and guiding their efforts as needed.

Learning Emphasis and Supports

Many adults with intellectual disabilities "age out" of their schools or academic settings prior to the time when they are at their learning peak.  As a result, we supplement our residential services with academic and learning supports during the evenings and on weekends to provide an opportunity for our residents to continue to grow to their fullest potential.

Community Integration

We fundamentally believe that our residents deserve to fully participate in all aspects of community life.  As a result, our living experiences include an emphasis on community activities and our team provides all necessary supports to facilitate our residents' inclusion. Based on the preferences of our residents, we create community plans that support their participation in the volunteer or social situations of their choice. 

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