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One in every five Americans is affected by a disability that impacts vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive development or the ability to learn. 


Great volunteers just like you help us to provide critically-needed services to our residents! Your time, dedication and commitment is often a life-changer for an adult who critically needs someone to care. 


Make a true difference and volunteer with United Community Supports of Maryland - we have volunteer opportunities that fit a variety of skill sets and schedules.  





Many of our residents hit their learning peaks after they "age out" of school. Continued participation in an engaging academic curricula and enrichment activities could help them to maximize their fullest potential. 


Help us ensure that individuals with disabilities continue to have access to high-quality learning experiences by volunteering a little of your time to aid in the ongoing development and implementation of truly customized curricula and academic experiences for our exceptional residents.


A little time can make a big impact.


Your business is needed to help make the lives of others better. What's needed?  Lots!  We could use:


  • transportation;

  • food;

  • clothing;

  • toiletry items;

  • classroom supplies; 

  • volunteers; and

  • more.


Consider a donation of time, talent or treasure (in-kind donations are welcome). Contact our Community Coordinator at for more information on how you can help.


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